Biel's World Puzzle game is for all the family, doesn't matter how old are you!

Biel’s World Puzzle” is filled with puzzles, animals, and activities designed for small kids. There are many children puzzles, but this isn't just a puzzle game. When your child finishes a puzzle, he will be rewarded to a variety of engaging “mini-games”. To protect our children to change the scene by error: the kid needs to press the home button for three seconds.


Besides being entertained, your kid will build memory and cognitive skills while playing. This tactile game also appeals to young kids and children with special needs. It helps kids develop spatial recognition, matching, tactile, and fine-motor skills. As for you parents, this game is designed to be playable by you and your child together, so you can participate and bond with your child.


Biel’s World Puzzle” is an app that is designed from the ground up for toddlers and small kids!